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2005 Stern " Grand Prix " pinball machine -EXCELLENT condition!

2005 Stern " Grand Prix " pinball machine -EXCELLENT condition!

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2005 Stern " Grand Prix " pinball machine

EXCELLENT condition!

EVERYTHING works 100%

Full cointaker LED kit
New playfield rubber
New flipper bats

Pictures of machine are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.

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Grand Prix / IPD No. 5120 / 2005 / 4 Players

Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars - Click for comments ]    7.6/10  (24 ratings/17 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois,
(1999-now) [Trade Name: Stern]
Date Of Manufacture: 2005
Model Number: I-0091
Common Abbreviations: GP
MPU: Stern Whitestar (modified)
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Sports - Auto Racing
Notable Features: Factory-installed LEDs: pop bumpers.
Concept by: Pat Lawlor
Design by: Louis Koziarz, Pat Lawlor
Art by: John Youssi
Dots/Animation by: Adam Rhine, Greg Dunlap
Mechanics by: John Krutsch, John Filz
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner
Software by: Louis Koziarz, Chip Curtis
Notes: According to the Stern Pinball website, this version of Stern's 2005 'NASCAR®' was made available outside of North America only. However, we have received reports of a purchase in December 2005 and a distributor having this game in January 2006, both inside the USA.

A subsequent production run of this game is Stern's 2007 'Dale Jr.'.
Owners List URL:  (External site)
Easter Eggs: Available at Cows and Easter Eggs  (External site)
ROMs: 4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (4.00) [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
  4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (4.00) French [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
  4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (4.00) German [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
  4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (4.00) Italian [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
  4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (4.00) Spainish [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
Documentation: 387 KB  PDF  Instruction Cards (Multilanguage) [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
Files: 2 MB  PDF  Playfield Shot Map [Stern Pinball, Inc.]
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Image # 29974: Grand Prix Illuminated Backglass
Illuminated Backglass

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29975: Grand Prix Playfield

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29976: Grand Prix Illuminated Playfield
Illuminated Playfield

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29977: Grand Prix Cabinet - Left
Cabinet - Left

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29978: Grand Prix Cabinet - Right
Cabinet - Right

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29979: Grand Prix Front View
Front View

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29980: Grand Prix Flyer, Front
Flyer, Front

[Jay Stafford]
Image # 29981: Grand Prix Flyer, Back
Flyer, Back

[Jay Stafford]

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