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1993 Midway " Judge Dredd " pinball machine

1993 Midway " Judge Dredd " pinball machine

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Product Information

1993 Midway " Judge Dredd " pinball machine

GREAT condition

*  Playfield is in great condition.
*  New chrome legs and leg levelers.

*  Backglass/translite is in great condition.
*  This classic solid state pinball works 100% and has been tested working fully for over 60 games.
*  Pinball is complete and has all parts.
*  Comes with copy of original owner's/operator's manual.
*  Both locks are present, and keys to locks included.

Pictures of machine are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.

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Judge Dredd / IPD No. 1322 / September, 1993 / 4 Players

Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars - Click for comments ]    8.0/10  (213 ratings/156 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated,
of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally]
Date Of Manufacture: September, 1993
Model Number: 20020
Common Abbreviations: JD
MPU: Williams WPC (DCS)
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 6,990 units   (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Fictional - Licensed Theme
Specialty: Widebody [?]
Notable Features: Flippers (4), Slingshots (2), Autoplungers (2), 6-ball multiball, Inline Captive Balls (3). Rotating planet and rings, Magnetic robotic arm, Diamond Plate playfield, Eagle topper on backbox. Maximum 1 buy-in ball per player (operator option). No pop bumpers.

9 modes + "Ultimate Challenge" wizard mode, SuperGame Feature (4 additional modes)
Design by: John Trudeau
Art by: Kevin O'Connor
Dots/Animation by: Eugene Geer, Scott Slomiany
Mechanics by: Ernie Pizarro
Music by: Paul Heitsch, Vince Pontarelli
Sound by: Paul Heitsch
Software by: Jeff Johnson
Notes: This game was part of Williams/Midway's "SuperPin" line of widebody games.

Voice-over artist Tim Kitzrow provided the voice of Judge Dredd.

Based on the character licensed from the comic series '2000 AD', not the 1995 Judge Dredd movie.

The planet "Deadworld" feature located on the upper left playfield was redesigned for all production games from the version that existed on prototype games (test games) like the one shown in the flyer. The test game version would lock balls on a ring that rotated slowly around the planet, until the third ball was locked, and then all three balls would be released by the Space Station Robotic Arm (a magnetic crane) for multi-ball.

In the production games, the locks are virtual and only the third locked ball is actually diverted to the planet, where it goes directly from the loading ramp to the crane and is lifted out immediately. The holes in the ring were cut open so if the crane ever failed, the balls will just fall off the ring as it turns.

It has been suggested that this feature was changed because it failed under test, leaving balls trapped on the ring. We asked designer John Trudeau about it. He clarifies:

The original ring and [software] program were only used on the prototypes and sample games. Nothing ever failed and all the games worked flawlessly, throughout their stays at their test locations. Even the sample games sent to Europe worked well.

The problem was with the German distributor. He said he saw a potential for failure with the ball crane. In other words, he just didn't like it. I don't know why. And I never actually heard what he threatened Williams with, but it was enough pressure to have the game changed. I fought the good fight for keeping it the way it was, but I didn't have big enough clout to outweigh the potential loss of sales. So I swallowed what pride I had left and changed it. It wasn't as cool as having the balls in orbit, but there was a lot of game still there to have fun with.

The same potential "failure lock-up" point is at ANY ball popper or even the outhole. It just never made any sense to me.

The prototype games were all retrofitted with a new ring and program. The distributors were all sent conversion kits to refit their sample games to the modified play. Whether these kits ever actually found their way onto the sample games was up to the distributors. The incentive for the distributors to do the conversion was the fact that any subsequent software updates would have the "new" ring in mind. The "old" ring would only work with that original software release. I would expect that everyone would eventually do the mod.

Any regular production game having a planet ring that matches the one shown in the flyer has been fitted with an after-factory reproduction of the prototype/sample model, and the game programming should have been adjusted to support this change.

Trudeau also advises us that Judge Dredd was the only "Superpin" to feature "Supergame", an entirely multiball game that could be had for an additional credit. "Supergame" also had its own High Score To Date records shown in the dot matrix display.
Marketing Slogans: "Judge Dredd: Pinball with an Attitude!"
"Pinball Profits Dredd Ahead!"
"You be the JUDGE!"
"I am the Law!"
Rule Sheets: Judge Dredd Rulesheet Version 1.7 (Oct/10/1996), by Cameron Silver  
Owners List URL:  (External site)
Easter Eggs: Available at Cows and Easter Eggs  (External site)
Additional Media: Promotional Video (at YouTube)  (External site)
ROMs: 409 KB  ZIP  Game ROM L-1 (With Planet Lock) [Midway Mfg. Co./Recovered By Hans Balk]
  434 KB  ZIP  Game ROM L-7 [Midway Mfg. Co.]
  877 KB  ZIP  L3 Sound ROMs (production game - balls do not lock in Deadworld) [Midway Mfg. Co.]
  409 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (L-1)  
  409 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (L-6)  
  4 MB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (L-7)  
Documentation: 10 MB  PDF  English Manual [Midway Mfg. Co.]
  945 KB  PDF  Operator Handbook  
  208 KB  TXT  Parts List  
Files: 19 KB  PDF  Instruction Card (English)  
  19 KB  PDF  Instruction Card (French)  
  98 KB  ZIP  Reproduction Score And Instruction Cards (Including French Card) [Inkochnito]
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Image # 3184: Judge Dredd Playfield

[Todd George]
Image # 3185: Judge Dredd Backglass

[Todd George]
Image # 4053: Judge Dredd Flyer, Front
Flyer, Front

Image # 4054: Judge Dredd Flyer, Page 2
Flyer, Page 2

Image # 4055: Judge Dredd Flyer, Page 3
Flyer, Page 3

Image # 4056: Judge Dredd Flyer, Back
Flyer, Back

Image # 7479: Judge Dredd Backbox - Right
Backbox - Right

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7480: Judge Dredd Cabinet - Right
Cabinet - Right

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7481: Judge Dredd Playfield - Detail
Playfield - Detail

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7482: Judge Dredd Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7483: Judge Dredd Lower Playfield
Lower Playfield

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7484: Judge Dredd Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7485: Judge Dredd Backglass

[Casey Davis]
Image # 7724: Judge Dredd Cabinet - Full View
Cabinet - Full View

[Allen Shope]
Image # 7725: Judge Dredd Backbox and Topper
Backbox and Topper

[Allen Shope]
Image # 7726: Judge Dredd Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Allen Shope]
Image # 7727: Judge Dredd Playfield - Detail
Playfield - Detail

[Allen Shope]
Image # 11076: Judge Dredd Flyer 2, Page 1
Flyer 2, Page 1

Image # 11077: Judge Dredd Flyer 2, Page 2
Flyer 2, Page 2

Image # 11078: Judge Dredd Flyer 2, Page 3
Flyer 2, Page 3

Image # 11079: Judge Dredd Flyer 2, Page 4
Flyer 2, Page 4

Image # 19618: Judge Dredd Illuminated Backglass
Illuminated Backglass

[Bob Graham]
Image # 19619: Judge Dredd Illuminated Backglass
Illuminated Backglass

[Bob Graham]
Image # 31277: Judge Dredd Inside Backbox
Inside Backbox

[Jasper Van Eeden]
Image # 31278: Judge Dredd Under Playfield
Under Playfield

[Jasper Van Eeden]
Image # 31279: Judge Dredd Playfield - Ball View
Playfield - Ball View

[Jasper Van Eeden]
Image # 44574: Judge Dredd Playfield

[Mauro Ferreyra]
Image # 44575: Judge Dredd Illuminated Front View
Illuminated Front View

[Mauro Ferreyra]
Image # 52657: Judge Dredd Playfield

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 52658: Judge Dredd Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 52659: Judge Dredd Middle Playfield
Middle Playfield

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 52660: Judge Dredd Lower Playfield
Lower Playfield

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 52661: Judge Dredd Playfield - Detail
Playfield - Detail

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 52662: Judge Dredd Instruction Card
Instruction Card

[Mark Steinman]
Image # 54239: Judge Dredd Blank Playfield
Blank Playfield

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61019: Judge Dredd Illuminated Backglass
Illuminated Backglass

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61020: Judge Dredd Cabinet - Front View
Cabinet - Front View

[Jean-Pierre Renault]

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