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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Pinball/1990Bally Midway " Radical! " pinball machine -SUPER SUPER RARE!!!!!

1990Bally Midway " Radical! " pinball machine -SUPER SUPER RARE!!!!!

1990Bally Midway " Radical! " pinball machine -SUPER SUPER RARE!!!!!

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1990Bally Midway " Radical! " pinball machine -SUPER SUPER RARE!!!!!

Great condition! - Everything works 100%

* Playfield is in GREAT condition.
* This classic solid state pinball works 100% and has been tested working fully for over 60 games.
* Cabinet is solid and in GOOD condition, some decal splintering where legs mount to cabinet... Cabinet leg protectors installed.
* NEW ring kit installed.
* Ramps are in GREAT shape... many ramps on this game.... since all are original and in great shape that should tell you much about the condition of this unit overall.
* BRAND NEW displays.
* BRAND NEW aftermarket power rectification, driver, MPU boards.
* Backglass is in great condition.
* Pinball is complete and has all parts.
* Comes with copy of original owner's/operator's manual.
* Both locks are present, and keys to locks included.

Pictures are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.
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Radical! / IPD No. 1904 / September, 1990 / 4 Players

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Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars - Click for comments ]    7.7/10  (39 ratings/28 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated,
of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally]
Model Number: 2015
MPU: Williams System 11C
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 1,315 units   (approximate)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Sports - Skateboard
Notable Features: 4 Flippers, 2 Ball Multiball, 2 Spinners, Kickback, 6 Drop Targets, 3 Ramps, 4 Pop Bumpers, 3 Kickers, Skateboard Diverter.
Design by: Dan Langlois, Peter Perry
Art by: John Youssi
Music by: Paul Heitsch
Sound by: Paul Heitsch
Marketing Slogans: "Get Radical! and Flip over the Profits!"
"Ramped up for Profits!"
"It's rockin', it's rollin', it's RADICAL!"
Rule Sheets: Radical! Rulesheet Version 1.0 (Jun/17/2002), by Dan Langlois & Peter Perry  
Owners List URL:  (External site)
ROMs: 167 KB  ZIP  Domestic Prototype Roms P-3 [Williams Electronics, Inc.]
  191 KB  ZIP  Game ROMs L-1 [Midway Mfg. Co.]
  82 KB  ZIP  Game ROMs LG-1 (German) [Midway Mfg. Co.]
  187 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset  
  188 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (G-1)  
Documentation: 10 MB  PDF  Operator Handbook [Midway Manufacturing Co.]
  181 KB  TXT  Parts List  
Files: 68 KB  ZIP  Reproduction Score and Instruction Cards [Inkochnito]
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Image # 4093: Radical! Flyer, Front
Flyer, Front

Image # 4094: Radical! Flyer, Back
Flyer, Back

Image # 13521: Radical! Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 13522: Radical! Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 13523: Radical! Middle Playfield
Middle Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 13524: Radical! Lower Playfield
Lower Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 14377: Radical! Cabinet - Left
Cabinet - Left

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 14378: Radical! Cabinet - Right
Cabinet - Right

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 14411: Radical! Backglass

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 27503: Radical! Backbox

[Philippe Thibault]
Image # 31924: Radical! Illuminated Prototype Backbox
Illuminated Prototype Backbox

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31925: Radical! Prototype Upper Playfield
                        (The playfield is Diamondplated.)
Prototype Upper Playfield*

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31926: Radical! Prototype Upper Playfield
                        (This view shows the extra slingshot kicker not present in production games. The playfield is Diamondplated.)
Prototype Upper Playfield*

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31927: Radical! Prototype Vertical Up-Kicker
                        (This view shows the Vertical Up-Kicker not present in production games.)
Prototype Vertical Up-Kicker*

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31928: Radical! Prototytpe Playfield - Detail
                        (The skateboard divertor does not have the stripes present in production games.)
Prototytpe Playfield - Detail*

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31929: Radical! Prototytpe Playfield - Detail
Prototytpe Playfield - Detail

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31930: Radical! Prototype Cabinet - Left
Prototype Cabinet - Left

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31931: Radical! Prototype Cabinet - Right
Prototype Cabinet - Right

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31932: Radical! Prototype Cabinet - Front
Prototype Cabinet - Front

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31933: Radical! Under Prototytpe Playfield
Under Prototytpe Playfield

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31934: Radical! Under Prototytpe Playfield - Detail
Under Prototytpe Playfield - Detail

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 31935: Radical! Inside Prototype Backbox
Inside Prototype Backbox

[Neo Skywalker]
Image # 63800: Radical! Backglass

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 63801: Radical! Cabinet - Front View
Cabinet - Front View

[Jean-Pierre Renault]

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