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1986 Williams " High Speed " pinball machine -GREAT condition

1986 Williams " High Speed " pinball machine -GREAT condition

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Product Information

1986 Williams " High Speed " pinball machine

GREAT condition

*   Playfield is in good condition.
*  Backglass is in good condition.
*  This classic solid state pinball works 100% and has been tested working fully for over 60 games.
*  Comes with copy of original owner's/operator's manual.
*  Both locks are present, and keys to locks included.

Pictures of machine are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.

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High Speed / IPD No. 1176 / January, 1986 / 4 Players

Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars - Click for comments ]    8.0/10  (141 ratings/112 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind.,
Incorporated (1985-1999) [Trade Name: Williams]
Date Of Manufacture: January, 1986
Model Number: 541
Common Abbreviations: HS
MPU: Williams System 11
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 17,080 units   (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Cops - Driving - Police - Speeding
Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Ramp (1), Kick-out hole (1), 3-bank standup targets (5), Spinning targets (3), Left outlane kickback, Multiball.

First pinball to play a complete song.
First Williams pin game to use alpha-numeric displays.
First use of Auto Percentaging in a solid-state game (for replay scores).
First Jackpot available only during multiball.
First use of broken switch compensation programming.
First SS game with operator report.
Toys: Traffic light on the ramp. Rotating police beacon light on top of the backbox.
Concept by: Steve Ritchie
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Art by: Mark Sprenger, Python Anghelo
Music by: Steve Ritchie, Bill Parod
Sound by: Larry DeMar, Eugene Jarvis, Bill Parod
Software by: Larry DeMar
Notes: "High Speed" was the first solid-state pin game to use automatic replay percentaging. An earlier electro-mechanical pin game with this feature was Williams' 1949 'St. Louis'.

This game was the first to have a multiball jackpot that would carry-over from game to game.

Williams' 1981 'Hyperball' used alpha-numeric displays before High Speed but is a flipperless arcade game, not a pin game.

Regarding the theme of this game, Steve Ritchie has said: "It was based on a true story. I was actually chased by the cops at 146 mph in my 1979 Porsche 928."

Ritchie credits Larry DeMar with parts of the design, but DeMar isn't credited for design on the playfield, just software.

Python Anghelo did the backglass art and Mark Sprenger did all other art.

The artwork near the upper right flipper shows insignia on the roofs of the squad cars as A8, W11, and S81. Mark Sprenger told us that this represented the initials and birthdate of his son, as a little gift to him. He also told us that the designer did not want the color green used anywhere on the playfield, calling it bad luck. Mark used green anyway and included for good luck a small four-leaf clover near the top traffic light. With the success of this game, he believes the clover was responsible for "finally breaking the dreaded green curse."

Artist Tim Elliott told us that he is the voice of Dispatch (for example, "Roger, 504. Apprehend him!")

'High Speed' is the first of three Williams games that went into production using System 11. All three games have incorrect schematics showing the same error by depicting placement of the flipper end-of-stroke switch on the wrong side of the coil. As far as we know, all games left the factory correctly wired for EOS. Only the schematics were incorrect. No Manual Amendments or Service Bulletins have been found that acknowledge or correct this error. For a correct drawing of EOSS placement, consult the schematic for Williams' 1986 'PIN·BOT' or subsequent Williams games.
Marketing Slogans: "Everything else is left behind!"
"Hot Action Pinball!"
"Run the light--and get away-at High Speed."
Photos in: Arcade Treasures, page 124
Pinball Machines (Eiden-Lukas), page 131
The Pinball Compendium 1982 to Present, page 63
The Complete Pinball Book, pages 144-145
Mike Pacak's Pinball Flyer Reference Book G-R
Rule Sheets: High Speed Rulesheet Version 1.10, by Bill Ung  
Owners List URL:  (External site)
ROMs: 151 KB  ZIP  Game ROM L-4 [Williams Electronic Games]
  50 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (L-3)  
  147 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (L-4)  
Documentation: 159 KB  PDF  Amendments and Additions to the Instruction Manual (probable date Apr 2, 1986) [Williams Electronic Games, Inc.]
  16 MB  PDF  English Manual [Williams Electronic Games, Inc.]
  601 KB  PDF  German Instruction Manual [Nova Apparate GMBH & Co.]
(click to zoom)
Image # 1145: High Speed Backglass

[John Graves]
Image # 4502: High Speed Flyer, Front
Flyer, Front

Image # 4503: High Speed Flyer, Page 2
Flyer, Page 2

Image # 4504: High Speed Flyer, Page 3
Flyer, Page 3

Image # 4505: High Speed Flyer, Back
Flyer, Back

Image # 6161: High Speed Promo plastic
Promo plastic

[Mark Gibson]
Image # 6238: High Speed Topper

[Mark Gibson]
Image # 8355: High Speed Backbox Left
Backbox Left

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8356: High Speed Backbox Right
Backbox Right

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8357: High Speed Cabinet Front
Cabinet Front

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8358: High Speed Cabinet Left
Cabinet Left

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8359: High Speed Cabinet Right
Cabinet Right

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8360: High Speed Front View
Front View

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8361: High Speed Coin Door
Coin Door

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8362: High Speed Backbox

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8363: High Speed Inside Backbox
Inside Backbox

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8364: High Speed Back of Light Board
Back of Light Board

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8365: High Speed Ball View
Ball View

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8367: High Speed Under Playfield
Under Playfield

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8368: High Speed Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 8369: High Speed Under Playfield
Under Playfield

[Aaron Van Patten]
Image # 11228: High Speed Press Release
Press Release

Image # 18928: High Speed Backglass

[Bruno Durand]
Image # 21080: High Speed Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 21081: High Speed Middle Playfield
Middle Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 21082: High Speed Lower Playfield
Lower Playfield

[Michael Sciulli]
Image # 30369: High Speed Backglass - Detail
Backglass - Detail

[Bruno Durand]
Image # 40548: High Speed Playfield

[Stan Miczek]
Image # 40549: High Speed Playfield

[Stan Miczek]
Image # 42703: High Speed Prototype Playfield
Prototype Playfield

[Steve Ritchie]
Image # 42704: High Speed Prototype Upper Playfield
Prototype Upper Playfield

[Steve Ritchie]
Image # 42705: High Speed Prototype Illuminated Lower Playfield
Prototype Illuminated Lower Playfield

[Steve Ritchie]
Image # 46066: High Speed Playfield
                        (The orange triangular light shield in the upper left playfield is not original to this game.)

[R. Hunter Gough]
Image # 50278: High Speed Illuminated Playfield
Illuminated Playfield

[Brad Berryman]
Image # 50279: High Speed Behind Backglass
Behind Backglass

[Brad Berryman]
Image # 61355: High Speed Artist Signature on Backglass
Artist Signature on Backglass

[Marco Rossignoli]
Image # 63756: High Speed Cabinet - Front View
Cabinet - Front View

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 63757: High Speed Illuminated Front View
Illuminated Front View

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 63758: High Speed Cabinet - Front
Cabinet - Front

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 71278: High Speed Stripped Playfield
Stripped Playfield

Image # 71279: High Speed Stripped Upper Playfield
Stripped Upper Playfield

Image # 71280: High Speed Stripped Middle Playfield
Stripped Middle Playfield

Image # 71281: High Speed Stripped Lower Playfield
Stripped Lower Playfield

Image # 71282: High Speed Stripped Lower Playfield
Stripped Lower Playfield

Image # 71283: High Speed Stripped Playfield - Upper Reverse
Stripped Playfield - Upper Reverse

Image # 71284: High Speed Stripped Playfield - Middle Reverse
Stripped Playfield - Middle Reverse

Image # 71285: High Speed Stripped Playfield - Lower Reverse
Stripped Playfield - Lower Reverse


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