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1980 Bally " Skateball " pinball machine -EXCELLENT condition -FULLY RESTORED

1980 Bally " Skateball " pinball machine -EXCELLENT condition -FULLY RESTORED

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1980 Bally " Skateball " pinball machine

-EXCELLENT condition


*  Newly stenciled cabinet with authentic Bally stencils

NEW CPR reproduction backglass.
  NEW CPR reproduction playfield plastics complete set.
  NEW CPR reproduction playfield!!!!!!!!
*   ALL new lamp sockets for General Illumination (GI) *AND* controlled/feature lamps!!

*  All NEW pop bumper bodies and pop bumper caps.
*  All NEW playfield posts.
*  All NEW flipper bats.
*  All NEW drop targets.
*  NEW Alltek MPU.
*  Rebuilt/Recapped Rectifier, Solenoid Driver, and Sound Board.
*  Comes with copy of original owner's/operator's manual.
*  Both locks are present, and keys to locks included.

Pictures of machine are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.

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Skateball / IPD No. 2170 / September, 1980 / 4 Players

Average Fun Rating: [ 8 stars - Click for comments ]    7.6/10  (34 ratings/25 comments)        [ Add Your Rating! ]
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983) [Trade Name: Bally]
Project Date: April 30, 1980
Date Of Manufacture: September, 1980
Model Number: 1210
MPU: Bally MPU AS-2518-35
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 4,150 units   (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Sports - Skateboard
Notable Features: Flippers (4), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), 5-bank drop targets (1), 3-bank drop targets (2), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1), Left crossover return lane. Ball shooter lane directs ball across the middle of the playfield to reach the top.
Design by: Claude Fernandez
Art by: Greg Freres
Notes: Unlike other Bally electronic pinball games, their documentation for this game shows the model number only as 1210, not 1210-E.

Skateball reportedly had a faulty design that allowed players to score excessive points, lowering operator profits due to many free games being awarded. Players could easily hold the ball on the right flipper and make it roll in and out of the right inlane by briefly releasing the flipper button. This caused the bonus to raise to the maximum award which would award a special upon reaching 60k. Operators reportedly tried a number of different solutions to solve the problem.

We asked artist Greg Freres to tell us about his prototype backglass for this game, called 'Summertime'. He responds:

Summertime was a piece of art I did as part of my interview at Bally. Paul Faris asked me to take one week and create a painting that I thought was a good theme and style for pinball. I worked every night until 3 a.m. while still attending my regular job, but I got it done in the allotted time and it was well received by not only Paul but by the sales and marketing group as well. I got the job and the idea sparked the skateboard theme, and some elements stayed for the final art. However, the art was shelved for a few years until we made the game in the early eighties.

Photos in: The Complete Pinball Book, page 159
Mike Pacak's Pinball Flyer Reference Book S-Z
Pinball Art, page 28
Pinball Machines (Eiden-Lukas), pages 31 and 71
The Pinball Compendium 1970-1981, page 173
Owners List URL:  (External site)
ROMs: 53 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset  
  52 KB  ZIP  PinMAME Romset (Alternate Set Rev. 3) [Oliver Okaegi]
  11 KB  ZIP  ROMs [Bally Manufacturing Corp.]
Documentation: 3 MB  PDF  English Manual [Bally Manufacturing Corp.]
  1 MB  PDF  Schematics [Bally Manufacturing Corp.]
(click to zoom)
Image # 4099: Skateball Flyer, Front
Flyer, Front

Image # 4100: Skateball Flyer, Back
Flyer, Back

Image # 5229: Skateball Front view
Front view

Image # 5230: Skateball Back Glass
Back Glass

Image # 5231: Skateball Playfield

Image # 9776: Skateball Backglass

[Christopher Wolf]
Image # 9777: Skateball Playfield

[Christopher Wolf]
Image # 18745: Skateball Upper Playfield
Upper Playfield

[The Halifax Pinball Company]
Image # 18746: Skateball Lower Playfield
Lower Playfield

[The Halifax Pinball Company]
Image # 18747: Skateball Cabinet - Left
Cabinet - Left

[The Halifax Pinball Company]
Image # 18748: Skateball Cabinet - Right
Cabinet - Right

[The Halifax Pinball Company]
Image # 54785: Skateball Backbox - Right
Backbox - Right

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 54786: Skateball Cabinet - Right
Cabinet - Right

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61094: Skateball Illuminated Backglass
Illuminated Backglass

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61095: Skateball Playfield - Detail
Playfield - Detail

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61096: Skateball Illuminated Pop Bumper Cap
Illuminated Pop Bumper Cap

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61097: Skateball Cabinet - Front
Cabinet - Front

[Jean-Pierre Renault]
Image # 61098: Skateball Cabinet - Front View
Cabinet - Front View

[Jean-Pierre Renault]

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