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1955 Seeburg V-200 jukebox (juke box) - EXCELLENT condition!!

1955 Seeburg V-200 jukebox (juke box) - EXCELLENT condition!!

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1955 Seeburg V-200 jukebox (juke box) - EXCELLENT condition!!



•Cabinet is in EXCELLENT condition.
•Chrome is good overall, however the keyboard frame being re-chromed would make the cabinet 100%.  Presents fine as-is, just saying to make this PERFECT you would want to re-chrome the keyboard frame, and likely that would make any sane person place this jukebox at a grade of A+ (on the cabinet).  Overall the cabinet is an A as it sits.
•Coin mech is present and working, currently set to freeplay.
•Has the HIGHLY DESIRABLE Pickering/Seeburg 345-03D upgrade mono cartridge for superior sound quality and increased amp input level.
•Comes loaded with 100 pop/rock 7" 45rpm records with matching title strips.... 1960-1980s music.
•Mech works fine... all 200 selections register and select as designed.

•Clutch/pinion gear was upgraded to the faster moving gear ratio... finds records twice as fast as the original factory gear ratio.  This simply means the mech moves from side to side looking for selected records at a faster pace.... no "snails pace" here.

OK... now for the one possible deal killer.... and it is the ONLY ONE!!!  The original Seeburg mono tube amplifier has been removed and replaced with a solid state high-end Marantz amplifier and an external muting switch/relay added (see picture of back door opened showing amp side).  To accommodate this amplifier "hack", new high-end full range tri-axle JBL speakers replace the original Seeburg cabinet speakers (see pictures of inside of cabinet).

•We have the UNTESTED original Seeburg amplifier, and that comes with the sale.  We also have the original speaker cross-over network, and that comes with the sale.  What we *DON'T* have, to make the conversion back to ALL ORIGINAL, are the Seeburg V-200 speakers.

Unit is priced below market due to not being 100% the original setup.  THAT SAID, whomever did the amplifier/muting relay/speaker replacement "hack" did an EXCELLENT!!! job matching things up, and it sounds great and plays MUCH louder than the original Seeburg amplifier ever thought it could play on it's best day.

You very well may decide to leave the hacked in Marantz solid state/modern amplifier in place... then sell the UNTESTED Seeburg mono tube amp (likely needs to be rebuilt, again it is UNTESTED so amuse it need rebuilt) on eBay, and get a couple hundred dollars back for it.

Lastly... note that the Pickering/Seeburg 345-03D aftermarket superior UPGRADE cartridge is mono.  So even though we have a stereo amplifier running the jukebox, the signal is mono, NOT stereo, going into the amplifier... so, we have the mono signal coming off the cartridge going to a mute switch/relay (see picture of relay; upper right of amplifier mounting), and off the mute switch/relay the single channel mono signal straight off the needle/cartridge is relayed to both the right channel and left channel phono input(s) of the Marantz stereo amplifier.


Pictures are ACTUAL photos of the item being sold.

Side note: We repair anything arcade and give free phone assessments. We also buy and sell pinball machines, video arcades, jukeboxes, slots and anything arcade.

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