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Oct 9, 2009

Record collecting

Why 45's?

If you're going to collect original vinyl from the Rock 'n Soul era, why collect 45's? Why not LP's?

Those of us baby boomers who grew up in the late 60's got indoctrinated into the view that 45's were for kids and that big boys (and girls) only took LP's seriously. So it became fashionable to diss 45's and 45 collecting generally, since they were viewed as just commercial pablum with no value beyond their hit potential.

While it's true that the LP let recording artists grow beyond doing single songs into whole suites of material, and artists like Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, Velvet Underground, and many many more were actually capable of making the most of the LP as art form, the fact is that the vast majority of singers and bands actually only had one or two good songs in them. Buying the LP of such artists was a total waste of money. For most teenagers in the 1950's and 1960's, too, 45's were all they could afford. LP's cost too much. Then, in the wake of breakthrough LP's like Sgt. Pepper, record companies helped steer consumers from the 45 to the LP because they were so much more profitable. The 45 merely became a way of promoting the LP.

Now, though, from the vantagepoint of the new milennium, what should you do if you want to capture all of the excitement and variety of music from the rock era? One way is to collect greatest hits albums, which works until you discover that many of these albums have versions that differ from the songs that were originally released on 45--the ones that got played on the radio, in other words. And then what about all those great hits from artists who could never fill a "greatest hits" LP?

As a collector I concentrate on the 45 today because

  1. There's so much more variety available,
  2. A lot of 45's were never released on LP,
  3. LP's are bulky,
  4. Most LP's have lots of filler,
  5. Often the hit version was either a better edit or a more dynamic mix than the LP version,
  6. Records from the 1950's and 1960's invariably sound better in the mono mix pressed onto 45's, and
  7. 45's are more fun.

I collect several hundred 45's a year and then burn 6-7 CD's a year with the fruits of my labor. That way, I can enjoy endless variety and take my collection with me on road trips!

I sometimes spring for LP's from the 1960's, so I'm certainly not advocating 45's only. Your collection simply wouldn't be complete without the entire Blonde on Blonde album! It's just that I think you get so much more bang for your buck by collecting 45's. Many times, the B sides of those old singles are rare gems you can't find anywhere else.

The downside to 45's is that it's much harder to find them in excellent playing condition than LP's, and it takes more patience to wade through the huge numbers that one finds. But that's also part of the fun/challenge!

P.S. Oh yeah, and forget about CD's... None of this stuff was recorded digitally back then, and every time you transfer from tape to tape or tape to digital, you lose some of the original music. If you want to capture the excitement of 1960's music, get the 45's! Even buying 45rpm vinyl reissues is a better bet than buying a CD.


Oct 8, 2009

Jukeboxes in the Media

Jukeboxes are used as props in loadsa' films, television shows etc. Although this list is far from exhaustive, here are some that I know of (let me know of any that you have seen, or if you can fill in some of the blanks):

Film = Film; Television Show = TV Show; Record Sleeve = CD/Record Sleeve

A - B - C - DE - F - G - H - IJK - L - MN - O - PQ - R - S - TUV - W - XYZ


Film The Affair
Never seen this one, but I am told that there are some jukes in this movie, and that the couple in it repair jukeboxes. Lots of nookie too! What else do you need?


Film Albino Alligator
(1996 - Miramax Films) I have never seen it. I am told that the film itself shows many shots of a Wurlitzer 2300, but is still utter pants.


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Film Back to the future
(1985 - Universal pictures) There is a Wurlitzer 1015 in the soda shop with Seeburg 3W1 wallboxes (!!?) and a Seeburg C in The professor's garage.


Film *Batteries Not Included
(1987) There is a tatty Wurlitzer 1100 in Riley's Cafe. It has a baseball bat put through the glass in one scene, but is miraculously mended by aliens for a nice close up of the mech in action during a later scene.


Record Blancmange - 'Living On The Ceiling'
(Single) Features a Wurlitzer 1015 on the sleeve.


Film The Blues Brothers
(1980 - Universal pictures) There is a Wurlitzer 1100 by the door of Aretha Franklin's 'The Soul Food Cafe' and a Seeburg V200 by the entrance to 'Bob's Country Bunker'.


Film Bus Stop
(1956 - 20th Century Fox) Seeburg trashcan and a Rock-Ola 1448.


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Film The Care and Handling of Roses
(1996) There is a Wulitzer 1100 in the bar in several shots.


Television Show Cheers
(1982-1993 - Paramount Television) There is an original Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox in Cheers bar.


Record Mark Chesnutt - Long Necks and Short Stories
(MCA) The Image on the cover is Mark leaning against an AMI F-120


Video Mark Chesnutt - "Brother Jukebox
The video for Mark Chesnutt's song (as found on MCA release "Too Cold at Home"), features an AMi A


Television Show The Crow
(1994 - Buena Vista Pictures) An NSM Prestige, late 1960's/early 1070's Model is featured in the film "the Crow". If I remember correctly it receives a bit of physical abuse.


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Film Demolition Man
(1993 - Warner Bros) Lenina (Sandra Bullock) Huxley's appartment has a wurli 1015.


Film Dumb and Dumber
There is a 70s style machine in the diner where the bloke was poisoned, and some Seeburg 3W1 wall boxes in the diner where C Bass spat in the burger. (Shows how much attention I was paying!).


Television Show The Drew Carey Show
There is a Wurlitzer 3400 (Statesman).


Television Show East Enders
(BBC) There is an NSM Consulette in the cafe.


Television Show The Eleven O'Clock Show
(Channel Four) There is an (as yet un-identified) jukebox behind the main desk.


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Television Show Forgotten
(1998 - ITV drama) There is a Wurlitzer 1100 in the bookshop office.


Television Show The Frank Skinner Show
(14th May 1999 - BBC comedy chat show) Frank did a take off of Frank Sinatra going into a bar and there was a 1015 CD player as a prop (shown for about 3 seconds - no wonder the licence fee is so bloody high).


Television Show Friends
(1994-present - Warner Bros.) There are several shots of a Wurlitzer 750 in the bar that is later to be Central Perk in "The One With The Flashback" (series 3, episode 6).

There is also a Wurlitzer 1015 in the 50's style diner where Monica worked in series 2 and 3 (?)


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Film Ghost
(1990 - Paramount Pictures) An AMi Continental is (rather famously) used.


Film The Girl Can't Help It
(1956 - 20th Century Fox) The film is about a jukebox king who controls jukeboxes in 4 major cities. One scene from the film shows a jukebox (Seeburg P146) crashing through a window.


Film Goodfellas
(1990 - Warner Bros) In a room where the Mafia guys are playing cards there is a Seeburg HF100R. There is also a Seeburg SPS2 Matador in a bar.


Film Grease
(1978 - Paramount Pictures) A film set firmly in the 50's, but with a 1973 Wurlitzer 1050.


Television Show The Grimleys
(1988 to Present - ) with Noddy Holder, the 1970's machine in the pub is an NSM Prestige C of 1975 vintage which was loaned to the producers by KBL Jukeboxes.


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Television Show Happy Days
(1974 to 1984 - Paramount Pictures) There are at least two jukeboxes in Happy Days. The one at the start of the title sequence is a Seeburg M100C, but the one that actually plays the records in the title sequence is a Rock-Ola. The Jukebox in Arnold's is a Seeburg HF100G but later episodes had a Seeburg LPC480, circa 1964.


Television Show Hollyoaks
(Chennel 4) Teen soap. There is a Wurli 1015 OMT (I believe... I didn't see a close up of the mech) in the college canteen.


Television Show Home and Away
(1988 to Present - 7 Network) There is a Wurlitzer 1015 OMT in the the Surfside Diner.


Television Show Home Front
(June 1999 - BBC) An AMi I-200 was used to add ambience to a '1950's kitchen' feature.


Film The Hustler
unknown model Seeburg


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Film I.Q.
(1994 - Paramount Pictures) Meg Ryan is Einstein's granddaughter but the star is a beautiful Wurly 800 (I think, might be a 700).


Film Invasion of the Body Snatchers
(1956 - Walter Wanger Pictures) I have never seen it, but am told that there is a Seeburg R in it.


Film Johnny Dark
(1954 - Universal International Pictures) Starring Tony Curtis. A couple are dancing in a bar and in the background there is a Seeburg 8200 or 9200.


Film Juke Box Favourites
(Embassy) A series of records that seem to all feature a Wurlitzer 2300. Here are some scans of the covers of Volume 1 and Volume 4


Television Show Jukebox Jury
(1959-?) with resident DJ David Jacobs. The first show featured Alma Cogan, Gary Miller, Pete Murray and Susan Stranks (a 'typical' teenager). Juke Box Jury featured a Rock-ola Tempo II.


Television Show King Of The Hill
(1998 - 20th Century Fox Television) KH-215 - 'Three Days of the Khando' (I think). Hank's neighbour was dancing and singing to a CD version of the Wurlitzer 1015.


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Television Show The Last Salute
(1999 - BBC) 'Comedy-drama' about the Automobile Association in the 1950s. There is an AMi I in Joyce's Cafe.


Film A League of their Own
Evans Constellation.


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Television Show Men Behaving Badly
(1992 to 1996 - BBC sitcom) There is 1970's style Jukebox in the pub. Looks like an AMi, but I have not been able to identify it.
There is also a Rock-Ola 1484 in the same pub, but another series!


Film Michael
(1996 - New Line Cinema) John Travolta as an angel(!) - He dances to a Jukebox in a bar. What was it?


Film Mickey Spillane's Murder Me, Murder You
(1983 CBS TV Movie) Starring Stacey Keach as Mike Hammer. In the scene, two of the characters put a record on a Victrola 78RPM phonograph. The song puts them in the mood as they start dancing and passionately kissing. In the background is a 1946 Wurlitzer 1015.


Television Show My Hero
(2000 - BBC sitcom) Unfunny sitcom about a super hero trying to fit into an 'ordinary' life (with hilarious consequences) features a wurlitzer 2600 in his cousin Arnie's stateside diner.


Film Natural Born Killers
(1994 - Warner Bros) Features an AMi Continental.


Television Show Neighbours
(1985 to Present - Grundy Television Productions) There is a Wurlitzer, looks like a 2400 in the coffee shop.


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Film On The Waterfront
(1954 - Columbia Pictures) There's a Wurlitzer 1015 in the bar where Terry and Edie meet.


Television Show One World
(1998 - Peter Engel Productions) Dodgy American Saturday morning teen sitcom has a Wurli 1015 in the living room (usually obscured by a large pillar). I can't tell how original it is though.


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Television Show The Phil Silver's Show aka Sergeant Bilko
Unconfirmed - (1955-1959) The mess had a jukebox which was frequently featured. A friend thinks it was a Wurlitzer (1700 or 1800). This needs correlation.


Film Pleasantville
(1998 - New Line Cinema) Looks like a Seeburg M100C playing Buddy Holly in the diner.


Film Police Academy II
(1985 - Warner Bros) Yes, I know... bloody awful film, but I caught a bit of it when it was on over Christmas, and it had at least one Juke in it in the bar, but I cannot remember what it was... any ideas?


Television Show Quantum Leap
(1989-93 - Universal TV) 'Maybe Baby' - Set in March 1953, there is a Seeburg V-200 (sadly not made till 1955) on the stage in the night club. D'oh!


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Television Show The Renford Rejects
(1997 - Nickelodeon) There is a Bal AMi I-200 in the cafe.


Record Rock n' Roll Hits Volume 2
(EMI) Compilation of Rock 'n' Roll Classics, features a Wurlitzer 1100 on the cover.


Record Rock n' Roll Hits Volume 3
(EMI) Compilation of Rock 'n' Roll Classics, features a Rock-Ola Tempo on the cover. (note - if anyone can tell me what Volume 1 has on the cover I would be grateful... my guess is a Wurlitzer 1015!)


Television Show The Rock and Roll Years
(BBC) This was a BBC music program that played top hits from a given year (one per episode) coupled with news clips from the featured year. The opening title sequences featured a Wurlitzer 1100.


Film Rocky Horror Picture Show
(1975 - 20th Century Fox) The Rocky Horror Picture Show has what looks like a customised Rockola 1452 in the main hall (and featured in the 'Time Warp' sequence).


Television Show Roger Roger
(1999 - BBC) In 'Planet Cricklewood' there is an AMi model A.


Television Show Rough Justice
(June 1999 - ) The other night they were doing a recreation of a crime in a bar and they used a Rockola 478 - Mystic for atmosphere. The Jukebox belonged to Peter Barron who knew the producer at the time, and was paid £80 for the use of it, which, if you consider its weight when trying to move it, is not nearly enough. Now for the interesting part. Rough Justice was recreating a crime carried out in 1977 but the 478 is listed as being manufactured 1978-79. Clearly the guy must be innocent! I rest my case.


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Television Show Safe Harbor
(1999 - Warner Bros) For the first two weeks there was a restored Seeburg B, and the third week a 3500. Quite a switch.


Film Scarecrow
Gene Hackman taking his clothes off in front of a jukebox that is playing "The Stripper" by David Rose!


Film Shining Through
(1992 - 20th Century Fox) A political war thriller starring Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith. Picture the scene set in 1940 before the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the US entry into World War II. Douglas and Griffith are kicking their heels to the big band sounds of a flashy Wurlitzer. The only problem is that it is a 1100 which was not built until 1948.


Television Show Sister, Sister
(1994 - Paramount Television) Another dodgy teen sitcom. The burger bar where one of the sisters worked has an original Wurlitzer 1015.


Film Snakeeater
(1989) in the bar scene (at "The Cage") there is a Wurlitzer Super Star.


Film Some Came Running
(1958 - MGM)There is a Rock-ola 1422 or 1426 in he bar scenes.


Film Spaceballs
(1987 - MGM) in the diner scene there is a Wurlitzer 1050.


Film Star Trek - First Contact
(1996 - Paramount Pictures) The slightly disguised machine that the drunken Zephraim Cochrane is using is an NSM Galaxy.


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Television Show Taxi
A Rock-Ola 1455 is featured a lot in the bar where the taxi drivers hang out. In fact Louis (Danny de Vito) actually gets to play it.


Film The Thing
(1982 - Universal Pictures) Quite what an early 1940's Rockola is doing in the scientists living quarters at the south pole is a complete mystery!


Television Show Top Ten
(2000 - Chennel Four) The program that compiles top tens of different musical genres uses close ups of a Rock-Ola for its links.


Film Tin Men
(1989 - Touchstone Video) In the pool hall, there is a Wurlitzer 220


Film Touch of Evil
A Wurlitzer 1015


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Television Show The Waltons
(1972-1981 - Lorimar Television) In one episode, one of the younger sons (sorry... I ain't a Waltons officianado) is repairing a tatty Wurlitzer 1100 that is stored in the barn.


Film The Wanderers - Juke box Classics
(Pickwick 1988 - PWK 058) Compilation of pop classics from the early 60s, and soundtrack to the 1979 Film, "The Wanderers" features part of an AMi Continental on the cover.


Film The Warriors
(1979 - Cinequest Films) Featured a Rock-ola 1422. There was even a close up of the record emerging from the rack and ascending to the stylus. The curious thing was that the music that came oput was 'Love is a Fire' by Genya Ravan. It must have been specially re-pressed as a 78 just for the movie, (or were they cheating?)!


Film Way of the Dragon
(1972) Featured a nice AMI I200e in the chinese restaurant.


Film Wayne's World
(1992 - Paramount Pictures) There is an AMi Continental used in several scenes set in Stan Mikita's Donuts.


Film What a Crazy World
(1963) with Joe Brown singing along to 'a German jukebox' (I don't recognise it either).


Film Who shot Roger Rabbit
Wurlitzer 800.


Film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
(1966 - Warner Bros) Featuring an AMi H with lovely Liz playing and dancing in front of it. She inserts a coin, plays a song and dances in front of it, just to tease her hubby.


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Oct. 7, 2009

Upcomin' and past Pinball shows...


It's another bumper bundle of pinball show reports

As Summer turns into Autumn, there no sign of a downturn in the pinball show schedule.
We have reports from six of the best.
From Sweden to Wales, Belgium to Minnesota via Spain, we're there for them all.

Full details inside


Oct. 6th, 2009

Stern Pinball Machines

After a weak start, Stern Electronics' sales started picking up by the end of 1977. Although not as successful as rivals Williams and Bally (Gottlieb had been purchased in 1977 by Columbia Pictures but was still a formidable competitor as well), Stern managed to produce its share of moderately successful pinballs as well. Also, in 1979, Stern acquired jukebox maker Seeburg Corporation, and the company became known as Stern / Seeburg. When the arcade video game craze hit in 1980, Stern produced the hit game Berzerk. No other video game it made was ever as popular as Berzerk, however, and in 1983 Stern became one of many victims of the amusement industry economic shakeout that occurred. In 1985, Stern Electronics left the amusement industry and sold its pinball division to Data East.

By 1999, the pinball industry was virtually dead and Williams, once the dominant leader in a healthy industry, decided to stop manufacturing pinball tables and focus on gambling devices as WMS Gaming. During the same year, Sega decided to leave the pinball industry as well and sold its pinball division (previously purchased from Data East in 1996) to Gary Stern, the son of Sam Stern. Gary Stern founded Stern Pinball, Inc. that same year and since then, the company has been the largest manufacturer of pinball tables in the world.

Games include: Spider Man, Family Guy, Flight 2000, Sharkey's Shootout,Austin Powers,Monopoly,RollerCoaster Tycoon,Lord of the Rings,The Simpsons,and more


 Oct. 5, 2009

Mr. Pinball tip for Monday, October 5, 2009

On solid state machines, I often heard of using dollar bills, credit cards, quarter rolls, etc. to clean the fragile leaf switches of the solid state machines. Most of these fixes are temporary and unreliable for long term service. To clean blade contacts on solid state machines use an ordinary rubber eraser (usually found in discount stores for about .25), cut the eraser into about 2 inch long strips about 1/4 inch wide and 1/16 thick. These are approximate sizes, use what helps you best. Rubbing the contacts with the eraser will clean the contacts like new, a good long term fix.

Wayne Green


Oct. 4, 2009

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