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Galaga multi-game upright video arcade

Galaga multi-game upright video arcade

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Galaga multi-game upright video arcade EXCELLENT CONDITION original Midway cabinet... with all the classics you remember as a kid in one really cool cabinet. Features/Condition:   RESTORED original Midway cabinet, excellent condition. LCD monitor. NEW control panel overlay artwork. NEW joystick and control buttons. NEW 2-1/4" trackball. RESTORED original Midway coin door. NEW multi-game JAMMA compliant pcb game board.... cabinet supports 100's of multi-game and dedicated JAMMA compliant pcb game boards!!!!!!!!! New JAMMA wiring harness. New power supply. DOES NOT GET ANY CLEANER than this! Side note: We repair anything arcade and give free phone assessments. We also buy and sell video arcades, pinball machines, jukeboxes, slots and anything arcade.

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