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Donkey Kong Jr. multi-game upright video arcade -RESTORED !!

Donkey Kong Jr. multi-game upright video arcade -RESTORED !!

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Donkey Kong Jr. multi-game upright video arcade -RESTORED !!

Very nice classic RESTORED original Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr. cabinet.... with modern JAMMA wiring conversion.

SUPPORTS all JAMMA compliant dedicated and multi-game PCBs!!! Many options... JAMMA wiring/setup allows for plug-and-play of 100s of game boards, both dedicated and multi-game PCBs.

LCD monitor.
New "T" molding.
Great condition original control panel overlay.
BRAND NEW modern switching power supply.
BRAND NEW push buttons.
Good condition original monitor bezel.
BRAND NEW reproduction side art.
NEW multi-game JAMMA compliant pcb game board with all the CLASSICS!
JAMMA wired... new JAMMA wiring harness... cabinet supports 100's of multi-game and
dedicated JAMMA compliant pcb game boards!!!!!!!!!

Pictures are of actual machine and are not stock photos.

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Price: $1895.00

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