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1980 Williams " Defender " dedicated upright video arcade

1980 Williams " Defender " dedicated upright video arcade

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Product Information

A very nice CLASSIC! 1980 Williams " Defender " dedicated upright video arcade

Game description:

Your mission, as captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your range, the humanoid will mutate, join the alien force, and take to assault with deadly vengeance!


- Game works perfectly... all original boards in stable working condition.

-       New push buttons installed.

·         Monitor looks great... has bright, stable, in-focus picture.

-      Cabinet is in great condition; artwork is in great shape and colors are bright (not faded). 

-     Control panel in good shape. Left upper corner of plastic overlay has a missing/cracked out piece, it is small and does not affect anything.

·         Lighted marquee in good condition.

-      New leveler feet installed.

-      Coin door in great shape with lock present, and keys to lock included.


Pictures are of actual machine and are not stock photos.


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